Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs!

The hot dogs were served with macaroni salad and fruit salad. Each plate received a ketchup packet and a dollop of mustard.

We use Hebrew National kosher hot dogs, which are slim. In the past we used the great big kosher dogs from Costco, but they no longer carry them. So grades 5-8 had two dogs in their bun.

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  1. saw your comment on fed up with school lunch. i have to say, you have *no* idea how rare a kosher school lunch with *meat* is. adding meat adds such a layer of complexity to keeping kosher that most schools don't do it, because if you're going to do it properly, you have to keep a second set of dishes.

    i went to two jewish schools growing up. at one you could bring your own lunch, but it had to be dairy. the other was in a synagogue, and outside food wasn't allowed. this synagogue actually kept a completely separate meat kitchen (because it was actually easier in the context of a giant food service exercise), but they never once served meat products to the school kids, it was always dairy.

    i can't tell you what i'd have given to have a hot dog for lunch.

    i guess that's mayo-based mac salad?