Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sandwich option

This year we are pleased to add a turkey sandwich to the list of sandwiches that students can opt to eat instead of the main entree.
We know that some students are putting the turkey on their salad and so we are offering it with or without the bread.
Its a great quality turkey no preservatives, no fillers.

Peanut Butter and Jelly is another sandwich available daily. Ingredients are Adams peanut butter no sugar added and I use a strawberry preserve that the majority of the students like.

Cheese sandwich is the last option. Its pretty plain, just a good slice of real cheddar cheese.

Mustard and Mayo are available in the dining hall to put on the sandwiches.

The bread that I use is Granny Sycamore honey whole wheat. Its been a journey to find the bread that suits the majority of our students. If its too grainy, the students really dislike it. Whole wheat is a must.

I try to make healthy, tasty main entrees that all students enjoy, but its impossible, so sandwich choices are available daily.
Sandwiches are served with the same sides that the main entree is served with, unless it is an additional starch like a roll.

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