Friday, October 14, 2011

sustainable pathways

Today McGillis students had a tour of the kitchen and I spoke about the whole process that is lunch.
We talked about where our food comes from.
We talked about the kitchen being designed to be energy and water efficient and use natural lighting.
I showed them the equipment that it takes to feed 400 people.
Lots of students commented on the size of cans and boxes of food.
Most students got to walk into our refrigerator and see our dish washing machine.
I showed the students how much water the dish machine takes to wash all of the dishes from one day (39 gallons).
Students were shown the difference between smart packaging and bad packaging.
Students were shown yesterdays food waste and we talked about ways that our garbage can be decreased.
I hope that the students had fun learning about the kitchen.
The process of looking up details about the efficiency of the kitchen was eye opening for me.
I learned that we are more efficient than I had thought, but we can do better.
Feeding 400 people is a huge responsibility.
Food safety is my number one priority, but I see that it is also important to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.
We can all do a better more thoughtful job.
I have set new goals in the kitchen regarding reducing our carbon footprint.
I look forward to the future at McGIllis and am inspired by our students regarding sustainable pathways.

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