Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tamales or quesadilla? Wich did your child opt for?

Homemade tamales are so much work and I love them, but I've decided to do this only twice a year. Tamales were the main entree today, but we also offered quesadillas as a more kid friendly option. As I look back on all of the students who opted for the quesadilla I am rethinking tamales place on the menu. We also served spanish rice and churros for a sweet treat.

The fruit bar offered farm fresh plums, bananas and apples. This variety of apples are called Gingergold and they are now my new favorite.

Salad bar update.... Kids are really enjoying the salad bar and eating a record amount of greens. FYI we use romaine lettuce, a mixed greens blend and spinach. Ask your student if they have tried the cusabi dressing. Cusabi is wasabi cucumber ranch.
We are still enjoying fresh baby orange tomatoes from the farmers market as well as peppers and even broccoli.

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