Monday, October 3, 2011

Egg salad sandwich the easy way

Egg salad sandwich was the featured sandwich for todays family group lunch. I count two eggs per pre ordered sandwich. So I boiled, cooled, then painstakingly peeled 300 eggs. Ha ha, actually that last part was true in the past but is now a sad sad memory. The eggs now come pre boiled and pre peeled and I love it. Now all I have to do is put the eggs through an egg slicer and stir in mayo and dijon mustard, and seasonings. I really do not understand how I had the time to do this when I had to start with raw eggs. As I think about it, lots of food items come in a more convenient form. This kind if thing is a huge trend in the food service industry. I can get onions and peppers already diced or sliced in 5 pound bags. Most produce items come in pre sliced or diced options. I would say that a food establishment of our size most often uses these options.

Lots of companies offer meat that comes pre cooked, both for convenience and also food safety. People do not always cook their meat to the proper temperature, and when it comes this way it is a safer product. Think about raw meat and everything it comes into contact with being a possible source of contamination. My Sysco salesman tells me that reheat and serve meat is a huge trend in the industry. At Mcgillis we use this option only for chicken nuggets. This kind of precooked meat can cost more than raw meats.

Another trend is aseptic packaging of foods. This is a high heat and sealing process that keeps food from needing refrigeration, If you go to the supermarket and see packaged dinners that look like they belong in the freezer section, these are aseptically packaged.
Its like pasteurization. As long as the seal remains intact the food has a very long shelf life, even without the use of preservatives.
Our juice among other things are packaged this way.

Technology brings lots of changes, some bad, some good. I am thinking that pre boiled pre peeled eggs are a change for the good.

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