Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tortellini and the ugly squash

Today we served tortellini with homemade tomato cream sauce, and broccoli.
Tortellini is very popular and a surprising number of students opted to try the sauce.
Grapes, bananas and apples were offered on the fruit bar.

Ask your child if they noticed the "ugliest squash" on display atop the salad bar.
This is called a peanut squash.
I found this beauty at the Murray farmers market.
I will display it for another week and then cook it and offer it at lunch for only the bravest students.
The farmers were very excited to sell me loads of butternut and acorn squash.
One farmer from Lehi remembered that he was here as a construction worker building our new addition.
Its a small world and McGillis is becoming quite a recognized school around the valley.

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