Saturday, October 20, 2012

pizza bagels

Friday we served pizza bagels. This is a very popular day, laborious but popular. The side vegetable was caramelized brussel sprouts. We served a treat today, it was apple cobbler. The cobbler was made with a variety of apples from the farmers market.  I believe that occasional treats can be a part of a healthy attitude about food.  At McGillis we  think that a treat should be just that, a treat. This is the first treat that we have served this year. A treat should be made from scratch and so delicious that it is worth the calories. For a few students the apple part of the cobbler was enough to decline the treat . This made me sad.  Hearing their  peers oooh and ahhh sent a few of them back to change their mind.

My favorite quote today was, "I didn't know I liked brussel sprouts, may I have more please?"
Hearing these words from students reminds me of how much I love my job.

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