Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pasta with brie and tomato

Today we served Pasta with brie and tomato, the alternative was plain pasta. Some students like plain pasta and proceed to the salad and fruit bars to get their veggies and that is just fine with me.
Here at McGillis we are all about choices.  Students really have a lot of options at lunch time. Most students at this point in the school year feel like they have figured lunch out.  They have navigated the lunch room and feel comfortable to ask us for alternatives.  I see several students a day who ask for plain turkey slices without bread. They then stop at the fruit or salad bar and have hummus and carrots, even grape tomatoes. This is usually a male student and this has something to do with finger food for them.  For this student, messy soup is never an option. I understand the different eating phases and stages that we all go through and this is why we have so many options. So do not worry if your student is eating plain pasta, its usually just a phase.

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